Best and Worst Villains of All Time

Villains have it pretty tough. We all hate on them, scream at them through the pages, and cheer when they die. Sounds a bit unfair on the baddies, doesn’t it? BUT THAT ALL ENDS TODAY. It’s time to show our appreciation for the villains of some of our favourite novels in THE VILLAIN AWARDS!

Ever wondered which villain should take out the prize for the Most Stab-Worthy? Or what about the villain to whom you said “I wish you were dead” the most times? It’s time to commemorate the best of the worst in an appreciation post for everyone from the murderers, to the creeps, to the people who just rubbed us off the wrong way.

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THE MUM FROM A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES. I don’t meant to sound too brutal, but I’d really like to stab her with a fork. #NoRegrets. She was just so controlling and terrifying and while I was here wanting to read a book about Beck living his best life, she was making that impossible. UGH. 100% Would Stab.

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BAZ from Carry On! I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS, MAINLY ABOUT HOW I NEEDED WAYWARD SON IN MY LIFE, LIKE, YESTERDAY. He just had such a tough childhood and he kind of was a little bit evil at times, but that just makes me love him more. AND TALK ABOUT THE ROMANCE. Oh dear god, I’ll never be over that kiss in the forest. SO CUTE. I’m still swooning.

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SLOAN. God, that guy is creeeeepy. He just, like, appears out of nowhere and you never really know if he’s going to stand by his word and not suck the life out of Kate and her friends, and it was just really concerning. Like, sweetie, please stay away from him. He’s a vampire with sharp teeth and he’s not afraid to use them. HE JUST GAVE ME THE WILLIES.  

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Okay, hear me out on this one. THE EPIC SQUAD FROM SIX OF CROWS. So I know they’re not technically ‘evil’, but they’ve all done some questionable stuff in their lives and they occasionally steal stuff and kill (evil) people, but I’m COUNTING THEM ANYWAY. How perfect is their squad? I’d be willing to learn how to stab something other than cake to get in on their awesome dynamic. PLEASE.

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Aled’s mum from Radio Silence. UGH. SHE WAS THE WORST. All I wanted was for our cinnamon roll to be happy and live his best life, and she was making that SO DAMN HARD. *shrieking* The amount of times I thought he was finally rid of her, she’d just pop her head around the door and be like, I’M BACK TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL. My poor Aled.

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HOLLAND. Oh, my dear Holland. I can’t go into too much detail because if you haven’t read A Darker Shade of Magic, you’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself. I JUST FELT SO BAD FOR HIM. Like, I know he was meant to be the villain, but even in the first book there was nothing more I wanted than for him to be happy. If killing me made you happy, Holland, I’d let you end my life. ANYTHING FOR MY LITTLE EVIL MUNCHKIN. 

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I’m gonna be complete and utter trash here and say… Draco with Harry. I know. I KNOW. I’m one of those people. But I CAN’T HELP THE WAY I FEEL, OKAY?! I wanted nothing more than for Draco to escape his terrible family and go off and live happily with Harry, but NO. DRACO NEVER GOT HIS HAPPY ENDING. And I’ll be forever mad about that. So yeah, I ship him with Harry. Come at me (no please don’t, I’m just a fragile bean).

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ELI. OH MY PRECIOUS, MURDEROUS ELI. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read Vicious yet (but seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, you need to get your life in order. KIDDING. But please… read it), but WOW HE’S COOL. You know, in a kind of scary, murderous way. BUT HIS POWERS. GAH. AMAZING. Not gonna lie, I low-key have a crush on Eli. (This post is kind of turning into a Queen V appreciation post, but seriously, is anyone surprised?)

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Astrid and Athos Dane, let’s be real. These two twins are SCARY, and I don’t want to be anywhere by the side of the army they’re controlling. And if I can get close enough to them to walk across their floor made of bones… you can bet I’ll be taking a selfie with that. I mean, it’s all about the aesthetic. GOSH, I LOVE THESE EVIL RULERS OF THE WORLD. 

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AIDAN from The Illuminae Files. Oh my sweet murderous star child. AIDAN was just such a complex villain, and I really got to know it over the trilogy until I was left SOBBING at the end. Everything AIDAN did left me SHOOKETH. Like, I know it’s an artificial intelligence and all, but it was just SO ALIVE. And it had feelings… and that meant that I had feelings… and it was just too much. Oh, and AIDAN killed, like, a thousand people. Definitely deserving of the Best Villain title. 


Who are your favourite villains? Which villain do you think takes the title Best Villain of All Time for you? Will you be doing The Villain Awards on your own blog? I’d love to know!


18 thoughts on “Best and Worst Villains of All Time

  1. It seems you read a lot of books already. I’m struggling with, ‘The Hate You Give.’ The villain here I feel will get off free. He’s the one who should be locked up for good. I mean incarcerated for life with no chance of parole.
    I enjoyed reading your descriptions of the villains in your world. Aren’t you too kind to them?

  2. I definitely agree with AIDAN because she easily screwed with my thoughts and emotions; she is incredibly complicated and perceptive and just all around fascinating to read about with her humanity and artificiality at the same time.

  3. AGREE AGREE AGREE. But seriously, Schwab has some of the best villains ever.
    Also, I almost died a little at “stab something other than cake.” *cleans coffee off of keyboard*
    Hilarious post!

  4. The mum from A Thousand Perfect Notes was EVIL. I just wanted my children to be happy in peace 😭. Great post as always, Sarah! 😃

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