Which Character From The Office Are You, Based On Your Reading Habits?

If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that every book nerd can be matched to one character from The Office according to their reading habits. It’s basic science. I mean, I was just sitting down eating some ice cream and watching The Office for the 239th time when I started wondering, What kind of books would Angela read? What would Creed’s reading habits look like? And so I put on my lab coat and goggles, sat down, and did some equations.


Sure enough, the large and dynamic cast of The Office proved to be the perfect people to match reading habits to! In my own little universe, I like to imagine that all these characters are avid readers and take part in a book club every month together. WE NEED A SPIN-OFF SERIES ABOUT THIS IMMEDIATELY. We do get a glimpse of some of the characters reading together in the Finer Things Club, but I thought I’d do an even more in-depth analysis in my post today.


So without further ado, scroll down to find out which character from The Office you are, based on your reading habits! Come and tell me who you got down in the comments!



Michael Scott

Like Michael, you’re a natural leader. You’re someone who wants to include other people in their reading experiences, whether that be by vlogging your progress on your booktube channel, or setting up buddy reads with your friends. Sometimes your enthusiasm for keeping up with the latest releases might be a bit overwhelming, but you’re super well-intentioned. Your favourite types of books are action and thrillers!


Dwight Schrute

You’re a sci-fi and fantasy fan through and through. You wouldn’t be caught dead with a contemporary in your hands! You love rereading your favourites, and you’re the type of person to pressure your friends into reading the series you love just so you have another person to talk about them with. Sometimes your favourite books might be a big obscure (like your passion for beets), but you know what they say: you don’t choose the fanboy life, the fanboy life chooses you.


Jim Halpert

Your favourite kind of books are ones that are full of humour and heart—just like you. While sometimes you don’t pick up a book for days on end, when you find one you love, you can’t help but race through it. You’re the life of your book club or blogging friends group and you can always make people laugh.


Pam Beesly

On the outside, you just seem like a nice book nerd who likes a good read, but you’re actually far more complex than that. You’re someone who has a way with words and has the ability to coherently construct your book reviews. You also have a very creative side, and your passion and determination makes you stand out from the rest. You love chatting about your latest reads with your friends and you have a heart of gold.


Andy Bernard

You can be a little off the rails at times. You can be overly judgemental and you’re not afraid of speaking your mind in your reviews (and occasionally punching a wall). You like to joke around with your blogging buddies, but you can be quite a sensitive person. Your favourite kind of books are action-romance, and you do not like horror.


Toby Flenderson

One way I’d describe you is: done with life. You’ve spent the last few years trying to make sure your friends stay on track with their Goodreads goals while working through your own TBR, but you’re tired. Sometimes it’s hard being the person trying to make sure everyone does the right thing, right? You’re overworked and underpaid, and you could use a good nap.


Erin Hannon

You’re endlessly enthusiastic and a bubbly presence in the book community. You’re on basically every social media platform and you love sharing your excitement for all the new releases on a daily basis. You’re someone who loves pretty much everything you read—and that’s brilliant! Sure, sometimes the obvious plot twists might take you completely by surprise, and sure, you might not see the bad guy coming, but you’re relentlessly optimistic and nothing can dampen your spirits.


Angela Martin

You’re a natural stickler for the rules. As someone who likes everything to go their way and to have complete control of every situation, these same qualities apply to your reading habits. You’re determined to finish every book you start and you’re not afraid of writing negative reviews. Your favourite place to read is in your room, surrounded by your many cats.


Creed Bratton

I’m not even going to pretend to know what your reading habits are like. If you’re anything remotely similar to Creed, you have a past that I will never fully understand. Were you a cult leader? Why do you know so much about decapitation? And was it just a coincidence you came to work covered in blood on Halloween? Quite frankly, you scare me, and so do your unknowable reading habits.


Kelly Kapoor

You might not get a ton of reading done because of all the times you get distracted on social media and online shopping, but you do love finding a good book to get lost in. Your favourite kinds of reads are those that are fast-paced, romantic, and have a great plot twist (that you’re always surprised by). You have about 382 book boyfriends and you definitely think getting sucked into a fictional world à la Outlander is going to happen to you one day. Your true love is waiting!


Meredith Palmer

Your TBR is overwhelming, you’re three years behind on new releases, and your bookshelves are a mess… just like your life. But hey! Nobody’s perfect. You like to sit down on the couch and read a few pages between sips of wine when you get home at 3am.You’ve even been known to sneak in a little reading on your phone in the bathrooms of clubs. How else is a gal supposed to get her reading done?


Oscar Martinez

All it takes for someone to convince you to read a new book is for them to say: IT’S QUEER. Because those are the best types of books, right? You’re always on the lookout for more queer rep in what you read, and some of your favourite books include I Wish You All The BestWayward SonHeartstopper, and They Both Die at the End. You use your social media platforms to hype new LGBTQIAP+ releases and your bookshelves are organised into a rainbow. YAS!


Have you seen The Office? Who’s your favourite character? Do any of these characters match your reading habits? I’d love to know!

Banner and gifs curtesy of NBC Universal. I do not own any rights to The Office material or characters.



9 thoughts on “Which Character From The Office Are You, Based On Your Reading Habits?

  1. I don’t watch the office but it looks like I’m a mix of Pam and Meredith !! This was such a fun and creative post, I loved it!

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