What To Read Based On Your Favourite Star Wars Character

Sooo… I may have finished watching all nine Star Wars films for the first time ever, in the space of three weeks, and now I’m a TINY BIT OBSESSED. Okay, “tiny” is totally an understatement. I’ve read fan fiction, I’m currently watching The Mandalorian, and I’ve seen The Force Awakens THREE TIMES SO FAR. I honestly can’t believe I never got into Star Wars before now! It’s the best thing ever!

Because Star Wars is basically the only thing I can think about now (including Kylo Ren’s eight pack), I thought it was time to do a recommendation post based on my “research”. Because who doesn’t need more Star Wars-esque content in their lives?! I know I do. I don’t even need air to breathe. My love of this fandom will sustain me.

So today I decided to recommend some books based on your favourite Star Wars character! Yes, I’ve only chosen characters from the final three Star Wars films because otherwise we’d be here ALL DAY — but maybe I’ll make one of these for the original series and the prequels another time. Maybe for the spin-off series as well! The possibilities are endless!

Let’s do this.

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