Top 10 Favourite Books of 2019

HERE WE ARE, FOLKS. We’re down to the last few days of 2019! It’s always such a weird mix of feelings that comes with another year ending, isn’t it? It’s like a weird sense of nostalgia for the past twelve months, but also the feeling that the next twelve are going to be so much better, right? It’s exciting, in a way, to have the future creep up on us. Next year’s a new year full of new releases, new favourite books to discover, new authors to try… and I’m looking forward to all of it.

But before I start getting too excited about all that (and a little overwhelmed), it’s time to look back on my top ten favourite books of 2019! It was so hard picking only ten for this list, but I was super strict with myself and forced myself to choose from my countless favourites. I read so many incredible books this past year – I fell into so many different lives, battled monsters, and gained a better understanding of not only the protagonists I read about, but also about myself.

So without further ado, here’s my top ten!

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