Late to the Party (AKA Content I Wish I Consumed Earlier)

Don’t you hate the feeling that you’re missing out on something that the rest of the world seems to be loving? Are you afraid of FOMO and are literally willing to put your life on hold to catch up and feel in the know? Well, same here!

Because we live in a world where every day, more books and shows and movies are added to our endless achieve, there’s no way we’ll ever be able to consume it all. AND THAT MAKES ME SO SAD. So in order to combat that feeling, I’ve been known to binge entire shows in a day, dedicate my life to watching a series before the final episode is released, and even becoming so obsessed with a franchise I start to dress like the characters.

Even though I’m endlessly trying to play catch up, there are always shows and books and films that I justΒ don’t get around toΒ for AGES. So today I’m going to be sharing some of the content I wish I’d discovered earlier – and what I thought of it! Enjoy!

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