January Wrap Up

Wow… what a month. What a start to 2020! We’ve had our fair share of disasters around the world, and sure, maybe some of us aren’t doing the best personally in terms of certain optimistic New Years resolutions (yep, I’m totally talking about myself), but we’ve survived. And if you’re lucky, you’ve even had the time to read a few books!

I started the year with a leisurely pace, working my way through books while lying on the couch under the air-conditioning and staying up until 3am impulse-buying ebooks. You know. The usual. In amongst my schedule of work, beach days, and a solid week spent watching Netflix, I managed to read nine books in total!

Time for a little breakdown:

  • Novels: 5
  • Short Stories: 2
  • Comics: 2
  • Audiobooks: 1 (also counted in “short stories”)

I’m so happy with the books I managed to read in January – my reading year is certainly off to a good start already! Ready to find out which books I loved the most? Check out my thoughts on all the below titles, then come tell me what your favourite book of January was down in the comments!

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What To Read Based On Your Favourite Star Wars Character

Sooo… I may have finished watching all nine Star Wars films for the first time ever, in the space of three weeks, and now I’m a TINY BIT OBSESSED. Okay, “tiny” is totally an understatement. I’ve read fan fiction, I’m currently watching The Mandalorian, and I’ve seen The Force Awakens THREE TIMES SO FAR. I honestly can’t believe I never got into Star Wars before now! It’s the best thing ever!

Because Star Wars is basically the only thing I can think about now (including Kylo Ren’s eight pack), I thought it was time to do a recommendation post based on my “research”. Because who doesn’t need more Star Wars-esque content in their lives?! I know I do. I don’t even need air to breathe. My love of this fandom will sustain me.

So today I decided to recommend some books based on your favourite Star Wars character! Yes, I’ve only chosen characters from the final three Star Wars films because otherwise we’d be here ALL DAY — but maybe I’ll make one of these for the original series and the prequels another time. Maybe for the spin-off series as well! The possibilities are endless!

Let’s do this.

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Predicting My 20 Favourite Books of 2020

It is time to announce what I think my 20 favourite books of this year will be! Ahh! Looking through all the lists of upcoming releases for the year ahead is always one of my blogging highlights of the year, and I love predicting which ones I think will be my absolute favourites.

It’s always such a tough decision because there are so many fantastic books to be released, but I’ve forced myself to make some hard choices and nominate what I think my top 20 reads of 2020 are going to be. If you’re in need of some more books on your TBR this year, check out which ones I’m most eager to get to!

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Top 10 Favourite Books of 2019

HERE WE ARE, FOLKS. We’re down to the last few days of 2019! It’s always such a weird mix of feelings that comes with another year ending, isn’t it? It’s like a weird sense of nostalgia for the past twelve months, but also the feeling that the next twelve are going to be so much better, right? It’s exciting, in a way, to have the future creep up on us. Next year’s a new year full of new releases, new favourite books to discover, new authors to try… and I’m looking forward to all of it.

But before I start getting too excited about all that (and a little overwhelmed), it’s time to look back on my top ten favourite books of 2019! It was so hard picking only ten for this list, but I was super strict with myself and forced myself to choose from my countless favourites. I read so many incredible books this past year – I fell into so many different lives, battled monsters, and gained a better understanding of not only the protagonists I read about, but also about myself.

So without further ado, here’s my top ten!

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Expectations vs Reality: My 19 Favourite Books of 2019

My Favourite Festive Reads

HELLOOOO, DECEMBER! Wow, we’ve almost made it to the end of the year. As much as that’s a terrifying thought, it’s also something to be celebrated. We made it through 2019! I’m proud of you. Are you proud of me?

And that means that Christmas is almost here! While Halloween takes the cake for being my favourite holiday, Christmas is pretty cool as well. We get to watch Christmas movies on repeat, listen to Christmas songs while drinking our gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, and, of course, dig out our festive YA books for a quick reread.

So in the spirit of Christmas, today I thought I’d share my favourite festive reads with you all! If you’re looking for something to get you in the mood for this holiday season, I definitely recommend checking out these books.

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Reading Your Book Recommendations

One of my favourite things about the bookish community is getting new book recommendations. I’m always on the lookout for something that sounds up my alley, or even sounds like something I wouldn’t normally try, and you folks are seriously the BEST at convincing me to read books you’ve loved! Whether these book recommendations have come directly from friends or bloggers, or whether I’ve just seen a post about it, my TBR is always as tall as Mt Everest.

So today I thought I’d share which books you all have recommended to me this year, and what I thought of them! And maybe in the meantime, I can add a few of these to your TBR as well. Enjoy!

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Which Character From The Office Are You, Based On Your Reading Habits?

If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that every book nerd can be matched to one character from The Office according to their reading habits. It’s basic science. I mean, I was just sitting down eating some ice cream and watching The Office for the 239th time when I started wondering, What kind of books would Angela read? What would Creed’s reading habits look like? And so I put on my lab coat and goggles, sat down, and did some equations.


Sure enough, the large and dynamic cast of The Office proved to be the perfect people to match reading habits to! In my own little universe, I like to imagine that all these characters are avid readers and take part in a book club every month together. WE NEED A SPIN-OFF SERIES ABOUT THIS IMMEDIATELY. We do get a glimpse of some of the characters reading together in the Finer Things Club, but I thought I’d do an even more in-depth analysis in my post today.


So without further ado, scroll down to find out which character from The Office you are, based on your reading habits! Come and tell me who you got down in the comments!

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10 Books I Need to Read Before the End of 2019

HELLO. JUST A CASUAL REMINDER THAT IT’S ALMOST 2020. NO NEED TO START PANICKING YET. *screaming into the voice* Ahaha yep, I might be slightly worried about that fact. Not only are there a ton of things I still need to do before the end of the year, but there are also a MASSIVE STACK OF BOOKS still to read! And do you think I’m anywhere near close to completing my Goodreads goal for the year?! (Let me just go cry in a dark cupboard for an hour or so.)

But because I’m currently freaking out about all these books that I should have already read, I’m going to be making a post about 10 books that I really, REALLY need to read before the end of 2019. This is a life or death situation. I’m not even kidding. And what better way to procrastinate actually sitting down and reading all these books than writing about them on my blog? *softly cries*

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let me introduce the 10 books that I’m going to aim—wait no, SUCCEED—in reading this year! Let’s do this.

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The Spookiest Books of 2019

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us—suck it, Christmas! (Just kidding, the festive season is also pretty great.) But it’s finally time to dress up as our most terrifying selves, venture out into the world, scare some kids, and get some candy. Oh, I’m sorry. Apparently the third one isn’t a thing? You’re not meant to scare kids? Well, I’ve been doing this whole Halloween thing wrong my entire life then.


But today I’m going to be talking about the SPOOKIEST BOOKS OF 2019 (so far)! Whether you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween recommendation, or if you just like to read creepy books all year round, I’ve got you covered. TIME TO GET YOUR SPOOK ON!

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